Affective Learning Labs, LLC is an innovative education solution provider headquartered in Baltimore, MD.  Our Principals have over 25 years combined experience in regulated training, educational software product development and blended learning platforms, successfully training over one million students.

In a faster, more complex world than ever before, we sit alongside organizations to help them move Universal Design Learning to the heart of their strategy. With an unrivaled combination of experience, expertise and capability, we design and deliver a strategic mix of world-class multi-device learning content, media, tools, and platforms. This enables us to deliver end-to-end learning architectures that fit seamlessly into global businesses and transform performance.

The world is moving from instructor-centered to learner-centered environments. ALL allows anyone to create their own digital content based on their knowledge of the required curriculum and tailored to learner's strengths and needs. Interactive display layers inside the video allow for a variety of scaffolds, from vocabulary supports, to check-ins that sustain effort and persistence, support comprehension, and build background knowledge.  


Learners of any age, K-20 Teachers and Professional Educators use our software as a Blended Learning Solution, an e-Learning Authoring Tool and a Flipped Instructional Aide.  Patented display layer technology allows educators and students to engage with digital learning in a whole new way.  We provide a digital learning framework that connects multiple layers of flexible learning elements and traditional resources like images, documents and assessments, inside of any video and connect to anything on the web.  Our technology integrates with Learning Management Systems and can be optimized for any device.  


Upload any video and immediately begin building learning modules that engage like never before. Insert interactive display layers of links to websites, search queries, infographics, assessments, documents, images, videos, games, audio, translation and more.

Connect the video to anything online; allowing the learner to browse inside a video and choose their own adventure, or deliver the layers in a time-synched order. View data and activity reports to see the who, what, when, where and how learners are consuming content; and then adjust the interactive experiences accordingly.



“A powerful tool for students across all grade levels (PreK-12). Modern learners need to be able to create, collaborate, innovate, communicate and think critically…This tool has the power to provide ALL STUDENTS with the opportunity to create, innovate, communicate, and collaborate. It has amazing potential for us to use not only in the classroom but also as a tool for professional development and public relations. Affective Learning Labs is well prepared to meet the demands of the 21st century learner.”
— Principal in Baltimore, Maryland
“...the way you set up today’s lesson was enjoyable, not boring. It was an easier way than just reading some article. I would advise you to tell the other teachers! The way it was a video and little questions here and there made the learning process not only easier but fun!”
— Real-time Feedback from an e-Learning Student in Baltimore, Maryland
“ALL’s interactive digital learning software enhances access and stretches students’ ability to explore the web unlike anything I have ever seen.”
— Jan Haberlein, Acting Director of School Improvement, Anne Arundel County Public Schools, Maryland