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Anxiety in School

This video details a “reinforcement break schedule” and explains how each component is used to increase the child’s productivity, time in class, and general outlook in school.

One goal is to familiarize the viewer with the connection between autism and anxiety. Terminology is explained with easy to understand images and definitions.

Sensory Issues

This video shows the common connection between autism and sensory processing disorder.

The video points out that some students are highly or hypersensitive to certain stimuli and some seek stimulation. The occupational therapist demonstrates how sensory integration therapy helps this student to organize his thoughts and attempt school work and various life skills. 

Meaningful Play

This video demonstrates a strategy of play for young children with autism (which could benefit all children) that encourages engagement and language. The speech-language pathologist in the video explains the “Imitate and Expand” technique.

This video shows simple and defined steps designed to turn play time into a more productive and rewarding experience for the child and the caregiver or teacher.

Behavior Plan

This video shows a personalized behavior plan in practice. The video explains ABA therapy and demonstrates how the therapist implements the plan using highly motivating activities and visual supports.

The plan can be changed from school, to camp, to the home setting. The video also explores the use of positive and negative consequences.

Assistive Communication

This video demonstrates how a student, who is non-verbal, learns to communicate through an assistive communication device.

The video explains the role of the speech-language pathologist and the family in using low-tech and hi-tech forms of assistive communication.

Art Therapy

This video shows how art therapy helps expand communication both through creative expression and verbalization. In the beginning, a social story is read to prepare the child with autism for the activity that’s happening next.  

The video explains the importance of art and the creative process and how it can improve the lives of many individuals with special needs.