Build measured interactive experiences in real-time where learners engage 7x and remain 2x longer.

The education world is moving from instructor-centered to learner-centered environments. ALL allows anyone to create their own digital content based on their knowledge of the curriculum that they are required to teach and tailored to students strengths and needs. Interactive display layers inside the video allow for a variety of scaffolds, from vocabulary supports, to check-ins that sustain effort and persistence, support comprehension, and build background knowledge. 

We provide a framework connecting multiple layers of flexible learning elements within our real-time secure content management system. Layer traditional resources like images, documents and assessments inside of any video, and then connect to anything on the web. Enhance digital hotspots with games, videos, blogs, and more.  

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Professional Development Training Aide

Baltimore County Public Schools and their Universal Design Learning implementation team utilized our interactive video technology at Harvard University's Summer 2014 Conference on "Universal Design for Learning: Reaching All Learners".


Learning and Development

The University of Maryland School of Medicine's Stem Cell Research Center was looking for an interactive solution to share all that they do. Along with learning about Stem Cells, the Center, the Doctors and their current projects, we inserted hotspots for donors to show their financial support and view pictures from the fundraising event where the video was launched.


Explainer Videos and Product Training

If a picture tells a thousand words, studies show a video tells 1.8 million words.  Explain a new concept, product or how to do anything using our engaging video learning technology.  It is imperative to provide customers and employees  the most up to date information possible.  Take your internal training and combine with any compliance related education and deliver an experience like no other.


Interactive Video Storytelling

Learn more about the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy, their restoration projects and the historic neighborhood itself.  Inside are hotspots for social feeds to keep up on the latest happenings and even a hotspot to donate funds for the long term vision of the project.


Manage Resources 

Facilitates the management of resources by allowing the embed of conventional teaching resources blended with interactive multi-media elements.

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Recruit Interest

Create new paths to learning with living content and choices for all. Learners interact with flexible materials in real-time resulting in sustained engagement.

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Support Comprehension

Interactive opportunities within new media activate background knowledge and highlight big ideas. Embedded assessments provide real-time feedback.

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