Create engaging educational experiences in real-time that benefit everyone.

Affective Learning Labs provides a flipped framework for educators to connect multiple layers of flexible learning elements within our real-time secure content management system. Layer traditional resources like images, documents and assessments inside of any video, and then connect to anything on the web. Enhance digital hotspots with games, videos, blogs, and more. On average, our data shows viewers engage 7 times and stay twice as long inside the video experience.  Learn more about ALL >



Manage Resources 

ALL framework facilitates the management of resources by allowing educators to embed conventional teaching tools blended with interactive multi-media elements.

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Recruit Interest

Create new paths to learning with living content and choices for all. Learners interact with flexible materials in real-time, resulting in sustained engagement.

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Support Comprehension

Interactive flipped opportunities within new media activate background knowledge and highlight big ideas. Embedded assessments provide real-time feedback.

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