Learners of any age, K-20 Teachers and Professional Educators use our software as a Blended Learning Solution, an e-Learning Authoring Tool and a Flipped Instructional Aide. 

The world is moving from instructor-centered to learner-centered environments. ALL allows anyone to create their own digital content based on their knowledge of the curriculum that they are required to teach and tailored to learner's strengths and needs. Interactive display layers inside the video allow for a variety of scaffolds, from vocabulary supports, to check-ins that sustain effort and persistence, support comprehension, and build background knowledge. 

A digital learning environment like no other, where layers of flexible learning elements integrate with traditional resources like images, documents and assessments, inside of any video and connect to anything on the web.  Enhance digital hotspots with games, videos, blogs, and more. 

Our technology integrates with Learning Management Systems and can be optimized for any device.  

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