Using video as an anchor, our blended learning environment creates multiple paths to learning, supports new learning patterns that utilize skills and interests differently, and helps identify opportunities to target interventions to meet the specific learning needs of students.  

Each of these presents an opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and increase productivity.

The world is moving from instructor-centered to learner-centered environments.  We allow anyone to create their own digital content based on their knowledge of the required curriculum and tailored to learner's strengths and needs. Interactive display layers inside the video allow for a variety of scaffolds, from vocabulary supports, to check-ins that sustain effort and persistence, support comprehension, and build background knowledge.  

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Securely indexed user-generated  content creates blended opportunities for all. Cloud Authoring Tools integrate conventional learning objects with multi-media elements inside of video.

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Create and collaborate new paths to learning with living content and learner-sourced choices for all. Learners interact with flexible materials in real-time resulting in sustained engagement. 

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Interactive opportunities within new media activate background knowledge and highlight big ideas. Measured analytics and adaptive assessments provide real-time feedback and analysis.

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