Our cloud-based technology is utilized as an e-Learning Authoring and Assessment Tool to dynamically produce Immersive Video Lessons and Flipped Classroom Experiences.  

Superintendent's 2015 End of Year Message to Elementary Schools


Share video knowing the content linked within can be changed, corrected, or updated at any time to keep the experience relevant and alive. Author inline living content alongside your video. The content can be anything found online; links, text, images, documents, custom embeds, and even another video. The additional content is there for the viewer to scroll through as the video plays. Now with contextual data layered within the content, and since the viewer is now engaged in what they're watching–the experience is more rewarding and memorable.


Real Look Autism


Using video as an anchor, our technology creates multiple paths to understanding, makes better use of technology, supports new learning patterns that utilize skills and interests differently, and helps identify opportunities to target interventions to meet the specific learning needs of students.  Each of these presents an opportunity to achieve greater efficiency and increase productivity.


BCPS UDL at Harvard


Baltimore County Public Schools and their Universal Design Learning implementation team utilized our interactive video technology at Harvard University's Summer 2014 Conference on "Universal Design for Learning: Reaching All Learners". 


Dividing with Decimals


This interactive video lesson features our Active Engagement protocol where fast-forwarding is not an option.  This setting will pause the video when a Learning Element is triggered.  You must scroll to the bottom and engage in each Object in order to view future Elements and complete the training.  

This ensures Participation and Consumption. 


Multimedia Presentation